What to Wear and Bring to Summer Run Club

Wednesday, April 17 2024

What To Wear:


Singlet or comfortable top (not cotton, dri-fit is ideal)

Shorts that are lightweight and breathable

Good socks

Good running shoes. These should be replaced every 300 – 500 miles

Sunscreen and a hat or visor (especially for rain)

Sunglasses (optional)

A light windbreaker or light raincoat if needed

A watch if you can.  It is fun to track mileage and progress. These do not have to be fancy. Some options are Apple Watches, Fitbits, and used Garmins found on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

What To Do Before Practice & What To Bring:


Get a good night’s sleep

Have a healthy, light breakfast (toast with peanut butter, granola bar, oatmeal, etc)

Bring a large water bottle (28 to 32 ounces)